Ramsés Cabello, MSc



/ context

personal project

/ skills

  • UI + product design + visual design + visual identity

/ date

  • june 2020

/ featured on

Videogame Magazine: Twinfinite by Greysun Morales

Nintendo Music is a concept design for a streaming music service inspired by the Japanese company's universe.

The purpose of the service is to enable all the fans to carry all the beloved Nintendo franchise soundtracks.

This project is the result of a series of explorations in researching, designing and learning more about Nintendo Switch UI and video-game experiences.


Nintendo Music is structured into three main different groups.

The groups reflect the different activities a player would perform while using the application:

→ Explore

→ Collect

→ Listen

Those three groups and their content are the core elements used to start sketching and drafting the user interface of the application.


The elements of the layout include navigation, guides, content and the music player. It is a flexible and adaptive layout that can adapt to the different use cases of the application.

UI Components

The elements of the user interface are reusable components that can be used across different views to create a consistent look and feel, carrying the proposed brand for Nintendo Music.

Highlighted features

Here's a highlight of the features designed for Nintendo Music. The designs cover the topics of explore, collect and listen.

Visual Identity

The visual identity of the project is a tribute to one of the most beloved franchises of Nintendo. 

In many of the platform games from the Super Mario franchise, the ‘Note Block’ represents a musical element. When the player jumps on it, it will produce a sound.

The Nintendo Music identity uses this iconic in-game element to create a simple and updated visual that can be used through the different implementations of the brand: the music block.


Nintendo Music is my first approach at the intersection between two of my favorite areas: design and video games. 

Being able to draw inspiration from a rich and creative universe, such as the one nurtured by Nintendo over the years, pushed me to be playful, try new things, and experiment.

Designing a user interface for the Nintendo Switch felt like a breath of fresh air. New design patterns, new and exciting ways to interact with the product and the challenge of designing a UI that works both for portable mode as well as TV mode.


Nintendo for creating such an amazing, rich and visual universe.

  • Special thanks to Greysun Morales for featuring the project on Twinfinite for featuring the project in an article on Twinfinite.

Greysun Morales for featuring the design in an article on Twinfinite.

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