Ramsés Cabello

Designing visual id for The Jia Group


These notes were originally posted as a Twitter thread.

For posterity, I'm posting it again here as a series of micro case studies.

for around a month I’ve been working together with Jimmy JIa  to help him create a visual identity that captures and marks the core foundations of his project.  This #thread offers a behind-the-scenes look at the process.


we started by meeting up weekly to define the concepts behind the group using prompts such as:

→why does JIA Group exist?

→what are the main activities of JIA Group?

→what are recent problems JIA Group solved?

as a result, we got these hints.


using the previous hints and through more conversations and meetings we landed on a group of keywords that would help us work on key visuals for the brand.

visual definitions

how are visually perceived the previously defined keywords?

the following board is part of the inspiration and fuel to start sketching and drafting marks.

we will refer often back to the board when evaluating the different proposals.


we use the following sketches as a starting point to discuss the direction of the brand. it was useful to discuss and uncover more needs from  Jimmy Jia:

→want to move away from TJG acronym

→talked about applications and mediums

→shared references

new direction

after more discussions, it was decided to explore more the keywords of tension, balance and create an icon that would encapsulate them in a minimal and simple shape.

going back to the drawing board to explore shapes.

the spring loop

this direction was interesting and we started to explore the shape as a spring. here’s a rundown of the final geometry of the icon:


one of the most important parts of the brand is that it could be used in different applications. we created different versions.

color scheme

for the color scheme, we decided to use an earthy color palette – inspired by the forests in California.


it was a lot of fun working on the #design part of this project.

thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this.