Ramsés Cabello, MSc


My name is Ramsés and I am an Interaction Designer.  I was born in the paradise-like Canary Islands and moved to a small town in Denmark in 2016.

When I am not designing, you can find me playing some Nintendo video-games, doing street photography, or geeking out. Recently I started to play the piano and I am enjoying being able to express myself through music.

Most of my inspiration comes from meeting people from all around the world while traveling and from practicing minimalism and simple living.

Read my resume for a detailed overview.

Background and education

I graduated as an Industrial Design Engineer. Even though I never worked in the Industrial Design field, completing that degree was a key step towards my path as an Interaction Designer. I got interested in design methodologies and learned to appreciate the processes. 

In 2016 I earned an MSc in User Experience Design. It expanded my knowledge in areas such as human-centered design, accessibility, usability, and offered a wide variety of skills that I am still applying daily. 

My interest in collaboration and creativity led me to join online education at IDEO U and obtain a certificate in Creative Leadership.

Professional life

The people I work with usually say I’m good at describing complex problems in visual abstractions. I love making ideas and concepts tangible. In my eyes design is a tool of communication and expression. It is a collective activity by nature. We design for and with other people. A good design is an asynchronous conversation with people that interact with what we built.

Nowadays, I am working as a Lead Designer at GAN Integrity building a legal compliance digital tool used by 2+ million people around the globe. In the past, I’ve worked in industries such as media, sports booking, lottery, and education.

For most of my career, I have worked in small design teams. Thus, I am very familiar with executing in different phases of the design process. 

My current focus is to keep practicing design and exploring the human side of it. In the future, I long to travel and meet professionals from every corner of the world to understand the context of design in different cultures.


Collaboration is key in order to succeed. Here's a list of colleagues and friends that inspire me and I love working with:

Aday Hernandez

Adrián Cubas

Israel Rodriguez

Jimmy Jia

Maxi G.

→ ともきはら/ Kenske L. K.